Sports volunteers do their bit for Brighton

A NUMBER of local sporting clubs in Brighton are uniting in an effort to provide increased recreational opportunities within the municipality.

Old Beach Cricket Club, Brighton Junior Cricket Club, Brighton Football Club and Brighton Junior Football Club are among the organisations taking part in the initiative and are encouraging the wider community to also consider volunteering. Continue reading “Sports volunteers do their bit for Brighton”

Community youth group ‘airs its dirty laundry’

TWO young people with a strong community vision have brainstormed a creative way to spread the message about the negative effects of violent behaviour.

Chris Hyland and Mary Nichols from Bridgewater’s Young People in Action (YPiA) group have launched the ‘airing our dirty laundry project’, with the assistance of their fellow YPiA members.

The Young People in Action Group is uniting to make its voices heard in the community.
The Young People in Action Group is uniting to make its voices heard in the community.

The innovative has project come into force as a result of discussions among the group’s members concerning their feelings being at blame for the violence that occurs within the community. Continue reading “Community youth group ‘airs its dirty laundry’”

Elections are time to look forward to new opportunities


FIRSTLY may I say thank you to the community of Brighton for giving me the opportunity to again serve you as Mayor of our municipality. After many years asĀ  leader of our council and working with such a brilliant and dedicated staff, it is still very humbling to receive your endorsement to continue in the role of Mayor. Continue reading “Elections are time to look forward to new opportunities”

New body to focus on growth

BRIGHTON Council is establishing a specialist body to advise on investment and business development in the municipality.

Mayor Tony Foster said the Brighton Industry and Housing Corporation’s role would be to maximise the economic and social benefits from Council owned land and generally support growth and development in the region. Continue reading “New body to focus on growth”