Notes from a fast foodies’ kitchen



I’M Christine and this is my first of regular cooking articles for the Brighton Community News.

I am super excited because I get to share the recipes and stories from the Waterbridge Food Co-Op Fast Foodies cooking group. Waterbridge Food Co-Op is a really important project which aims to improve access to healthy and nutritious food in the Bridgewater and Gagebrook area.  The Waterbridge Food Co-Op project is funded by Tasmanian Medicare Local and the Fast Foodies cooking group is funded through a grant from Feeding the Future. Continue reading “Notes from a fast foodies’ kitchen”

Former Speaker gives insight into workings of parliament


SCHOOL for Seniors members enjoyed a visit to Redlands Estate just a few minutes drive from New Norfolk in the Derwent Valley. Those who toured the distillery were informed on the required processes to produce a good drop of whisky and were impressed by the enthusiasm of the chief distiller who explained how the barley is treated through to the final product. They also enjoyed sampling the different tastes of various brews. Continue reading “Former Speaker gives insight into workings of parliament”

LINC helps you learn about food

WHETHER you get your food from the garden or the supermarket, you want it to be tasty and good for you.  Once you have learnt some gardening skills and how to keep food fresh and making sure it’s safe to eat, you will be on your way! Not only to becoming a great cook, but you might want to get a job in the food industry. Continue reading “LINC helps you learn about food”

Culinary arts program focuses on health and wellbeing

STUDENTS from schools in the lordan River Learning Federation and Risdon Vale Primary swapped pizza­making tips with some of best, as the first of a series of 24 Carrot Gardens Culinary Arts workshops launches  at the  Bridgewater  Community  Centre.

The launch comes as the 24 Carrot Gardens Project design and construction phase is nearing completion, with the 12 participating schools planting and tending vegetable patches in their newly­ built garden beds. Continue reading “Culinary arts program focuses on health and wellbeing”

Home cooking teaches children more than food prep

WE all know that cooking at home with children encourages healthier lifestyles and teaches valuable life skills. But did you know children are also learning early maths and science concepts in their cooking?

Comparing temperature, weighing, measuring, counting and observing change, just to name a few. There are many jobs even the youngest of your children can do in the kitchen. Even babies can sit alongside you in a high chair and feel, touch, taste and smell all the different ingredients. So, if you haven’t involved your children in preparing daily meals give it a try today.

Donny, the Pontville Play2Learn chef, makes cannelloni with Pontville Play2Learn children.

Continue reading “Home cooking teaches children more than food prep”