Emma cooks up a winning competition recipe


YOU don’t need years of experience in the kitchen to be a prize-winning cook!

Twelve-year-old Emma Roberts of Brighton is one of three winners in the recent Uncle Chris stir-fry recipe competition.

Emma Roberts one of three competition winners in the recent Uncle Chris stir-fry recipe competition.

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Olympian Tristan gives tips and support for our young runners

TASMANIAN Olympic athlete Tristan Thomas is encouraging young people in the Brighton municipality to participate in athletics and other healthy sporting and recreational activities.

The London Olympian spent this morning with the East Derwent Little Athletics Club at Weily Park, Bridgewater, providing coaching tips and support for the next generation of young athletes.

Olympic hurdler, Tasmania’s Tristan Thomas with some of his newest fans, members of the East Derwent Little Athletics Club.

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Regional councils call for balance

BRIGHTON Council has joined a group of regional Tasmanian Councils to demand greater consideration from State and Federal Governments and more balanced outcomes from resource security decisions.

The Central Highlands, Derwent Valley, Tasman, Circular Head, Dorset, Glamorgan-Spring Bay, Brighton, Southern Midlands and Huon Valley Councils, West Coast and Northern Midlands will campaign for their communities to be given greater consideration and for Councils and communities to be involved in decisions that impact directly on them and the economies of their regions. Other Councils have been consulted and are expected to join the campaign. Continue reading “Regional councils call for balance”

Brighton welcomes funding for primary health care centre

BRIGHTON Council has welcomed the announcement of funding for the development of a new primary health care centre in Brighton.

Brighton Mayor Tony Foster said the announcement followed extensive representations by the Council, as well as strong support from Federal Lyons MP Dick Adams. Continue reading “Brighton welcomes funding for primary health care centre”

Signings boost for healthcare

RESIDENTS of Brighton and Bridgewater will have better access to GPs and allied health professionals with the signing of agreements to establish and upgrade medical clinics in the region.

Both Dick Adams, the Federal Member for Lyons and the Minister for Health, Tanya Plibersek welcomed the recent signing of a $935,000 funding agreement with the Brighton Council for Brighton and a $440,000 funding agreement with the Independent Practitioner Network Pty Ltd as a boost to health care in Bridgewater. Continue reading “Signings boost for healthcare”

Steve sees green gold in recycling seaweed waste


A COMPANY in Cambridge is producing innovative pharmaceutical and skin-care products from seaweed.  And 25km away, on the Brighton Industrial Estate, there’s a bloke who’s building a successful business out of recycling the waste from the seaweed extraction process.

Steven Gavalas doesn’t want anything to go to waste – especially not the seaweed that’s been through the wringer at Marinova, the bio-tech company developing world-standard medical and nutritional applications.

Steve Gavalas on site at Horticulatural and Landscape Supplies which occupies four hectares of the Brighton Industrial Estate.

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New group blitzes Brighton community

BRIGHTON’s Community Blitz was officially launched in style in June with some fantastic blitzes that made a lot of people in the community very happy.

The first Big Blitz included a makeover of the PCYC community garden and the installation of some bright, colourful murals created by young people during the PCYC school holiday program and students from the Jordan River Learning Federation Middle School Student Representative Council.

From left, Tennille Murtagh, Community Blitz coordinator Peter Griffiths and Natilea Lovell
From left, Tennille Murtagh, Community Blitz coordinator Peter Griffiths and Natilea Lovell.

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Housing development to provide $300-million boost to economy

A MAJOR affordable housing development launched in the Brighton municipality will deliver a $300-million boost to the Tasmanian economy.

The project is an initiative of the newly formed Brighton Industrial and Housing Corporation (BIHC), a not-for-profit company owned by Brighton Council, and will provide an immediate stimulus to the depressed housing and construction sector.

House and land package purchaser Leonie Jenkins looks at the block she has chosen.
House and land package purchaser Leonie Jenkins looks at the block she has chosen.

It will also bring the dream of home ownership to reality for people caught in the rent trap who previously were unable to purchase a house, with house and land packages available for around $220,000.

If financed through the State Government’s HomeShare program, this means weekly repayments could be as low as $285 a week at the present interest rate of 7.1 per cent.

This major development has been initiated by Brighton Council in partnership with the State Government and is aimed at significantly increasing private home ownership in the local community.

It involves the construction of about 400 new affordable homes in Bridgewater, Gagebrook and Herdsmans Cove, on large parcels of currently under-utilised Council and government-owned land.

Special funding packages provided by both Brighton Council and the State Government will bring these homes within reach of many who are paying market rents.

It’s estimated that the project will generate more than $100 million in direct economic activity.

Using the standard Australian Bureau of Statistic’s multiplier for the construction industry, the total direct and indirect economic output of the project is valued at about $300 million.

Brighton Mayor Tony Foster said the project would benefit employment and the housing and construction sector, create attractive options for prospective homebuyers and provide a major boost to the state economy.

“This is an extremely exciting project for Brighton and Tasmania and is part of Brighton Council’s vision to increase private home ownership in our community through a private-public partnership,” Cr Foster said.

“It follows the development report for Brighton authored by consultants – former Premier Paul Lennon and Nigel Reeves – that recommended the establishment of BIHC to maximise the economic and social benefits of under-used land in the municipality.

“This project has the capacity to provide a life-changing opportunity for many existing renters in the Brighton community as well as make the dream of home ownership a reality for many others.

“As well, increasing the availability of private affordable housing will enhance Council’s current urban renewal project.”

Cr Foster said consultants had developed a sound financial model and external funding of up to $100 million had been confirmed through Tassie Home Loans.

It would enable the development of house and land packages costing around $220,000.

“Proceeds from land packages available now will be used to develop additional residential blocks, so driving the program without any upfront financial contribution from government,” Cr Foster said.

“Combining Council and State Government land with innovative funding solutions will result in a greater number of affordable home packages and generate significant economic and social outcomes.

“It will provide an immediate stimulus to the building and construction sector with a positive flow-on impact to other industries.

“This is an unprecedented partnership between local and State Government and the private sector to deliver a fantastic development for the community, Brighton and Tasmania.”

Plans will be available and builders will be on site to discuss home options. Further information is available from Tassie Home Loans on 1800 687 377.

Merger push poses more questions than it answers


The push by the so-called Tasmanians for Reform group (in reality the Property Council representing big property owners) for council amalgamations in Tasmania leaves several critical questions unanswered.

Despite extravagant claims that wholesale forced amalgamation will somehow bring savings of ‘up to 35 per cent’ – something never previously achieved in any Australian amalgamation program – the group is notably silent on other important questions. Continue reading “Merger push poses more questions than it answers”