Local government serves its community



THERE is certainly a focus on local government at the moment – on its effectiveness and efficiency, the services it provides for ratepayers and the community, and importantly the level of rates and charges it levies to provide those essential services.

This level of public scrutiny should certainly not be a problem for councils. Indeed, all levels of government, be they state, federal or local, must be answerable to the community, to the taxpayers and ratepayers who provide the revenue to pay for the services and sustain the bureaucracies that manage them. Continue reading “Local government serves its community”

Council continues to serve the community


BRIGHTON Council continues to serve our local community, providing the full range of services, efficiently and effectively.

We continue to enjoy the lowest and fairest rates in Tasmania. Our Council is consistently judged as the most efficient in the State and among the most innovative local government bodies in Australia. We are indeed fortunate that both the elected Councillors, and our Council management and staff, share a common aim and that is to provide the best local government service and support for our community. We work together to achieve this objective, with the Councillors providing the leadership and strategic direction and our management and staff responsible for implementing our plans and providing services to the community. Continue reading “Council continues to serve the community”

Local government takes a stand on pokies



THE July general meeting of the Local Government Association of Tasmania supported Brighton’s motion to lobby Parliament to expand the terms of reference of the proposed Joint Select Committee Review into gaming in Tasmania to consider banning electronic gaming machines outside the State’s two casinos. Continue reading “Local government takes a stand on pokies”

Brighton’s budget highlight’s Council efficiency



BRIGHTON Council’s budget for the new financial year highlights the efficiency of our administration and the ability of our staff to provide services for other councils, so earning valuable revenue that helps to fund services for ratepayers.

As we’ve already announced, Brighton’s rates this year will rise only by 1.3 percent, the annual increase in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for Hobart. It’s the 20th year in succession that we’ve been able to hold down rates to the equivalent of the increase in the CPI and it’s fair to say that Brighton is the only council in Tasmania, and possibly Australia, able to make such a claim. Continue reading “Brighton’s budget highlight’s Council efficiency”

Efficiency keeps Brighton’s rates down



LAST month, the Brighton Council considered its budget for the forthcoming financial year and our financial and capital works plan was approved in principle. It will now go to Council for formal approval at the June meeting.

The Budget provides for a rate increase of just 1.3 percent, in line with the annual increase in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for Hobart. This means that the largest rate increase for a residential home in the Brighton Municipality will be $11 a year or 21 cents per week. Continue reading “Efficiency keeps Brighton’s rates down”

Gym a proud purchase by MicroWise



THIS issue of Brighton Community News features the announcement that Council’s wholly-owned technology business, MicroWise Australia has purchased the Derwent Indoor Sports Centre building in Hurst Street, Bridgewater.

I am particularly proud of this purchase on a number of fronts. Continue reading “Gym a proud purchase by MicroWise”

We’re ready to face the challenges of the future


AS this is my first column in Brighton Community News for 2016, I want to take the opportunity to wish all members of the Brighton community all the very best for the year ahead.

No doubt, the next 12 months will bring plenty of challenges, but we can take comfort in the fact that Brighton is now better prepared for the future than ever before. Our municipality is recognised for its progress, its support for its people and its innovation in attracting new development, employment and opportunities for all. At Brighton Council we are committed to building on the achievements of the past to create an even better community for the future. Continue reading “We’re ready to face the challenges of the future”

A busy year highlights Council’s work


GIVEN the amount of negative publicity about local government over the past few months, people could be forgiven for thinking that councils are not doing a lot to benefit ratepayers and support their communities.

In fact, the opposite is the case and certainly, as far as Brighton is concerned, Councillors and our staff have been working extremely hard to ensure we operate as efficiently as possible and provide the best possible services and facilities for our community. Continue reading “A busy year highlights Council’s work”

Pokies impact on our community


THE Brighton Council had long been concerned at the impact of poker machines on our community.

Indeed, when the machines were rolled out to hotels and clubs statewide some two decades ago, Council refused to allow their installation in our municipality. This decision was upheld by the Planning Commission, but subsequently overturned by the State Government’s Gaming Control Act. Continue reading “Pokies impact on our community”

Mayor says majority of local government works well



THE community could be excused for thinking that local government is in trouble with all the talk of council amalgamations, inquiries and questions being asked by the Local Government Office.

While there may be difficulties with a small number of councils, these are essentially differences between elected members rather than administrators or officers, and on the whole, local government in Tasmania is working extremely well. Continue reading “Mayor says majority of local government works well”